Dudley’s Kid

On the Monday following the hearing, I bumped into Michael Dudley in the building, and took the opportunity to ask if he had any comment on the evidence that had been lead during the Hearing of his having openly insulted the former USG, Inga-Britt Alhenius.

It was Dudley who first raised the managerial abilities of his five year old daughter. It was he who announced – openly and loudly – that his daughter could do a better job as USG than his then boss, .

I do not know of any other organisations where such disrespect is condoned but it clearly is in the UN.

This came out in evidence during the hearing. Susan Maddox, Counsel for the Respondent never even tried to rebut it.

So of course Dudley went straight to Dan Wilson to complain, and of course, nobody was interested in the evidence.  Never mind anything about ‘accountability’, that doesn’t apply.  I was the one who was at fault for embarrassing him with the facts.

Dudley was entitled to “protection” and that was clearly OIOS policy.



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